Monday, January 9, 2017

A Very Cold Snowy Weekend

I have to admit that I was thrilled we did not get a lot of snow this past weekend! I love snow because one of my most favorite past times is skiing, but I would prefer to drive or fly to snow, not have it in my own back yard. 

However, we did enjoy the "snow flurries" for about 30 minutes, and as we were standing outside in the frigid temperatures, Margaret and I were practicing our sign language for "snow." One thing I love about Eastminster is they teach the children sign language. Out of no where one day, she started making the hand gesture for "more" and I chuckled, my sweet little lamb knows how to tell me she wants more food! (me too, baby girl, mama always wants more!)

After my girls weekend was cancelled to Highlands, pushed to Greenville then officially postponed, I made the best of the freezing weekend with my two favorite people. Our Saturday adventures took us to lunch, EdVenture and to Tarantella Casino Night!  Margaret loved her first trip to EdVenture, and I'm sure we will be back very soon. I also just got the Moms on Call Toddler book, and cant wait to sit down and read it! (I'm sure some of you think this is funny, but I'm quite positive I have a wild child on my hands!)

Cheers to a great first cold weekend in January!

(This picture is from my parents back yard) Over 7 inches of snow!

Holding the entire Quesadilla at Cock-n-Bull

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Margaret's "First" Christmas

Our "first" Christmas with Margaret was truly magical. I use the quotations for first, very loosely, as this is technically her second Christmas. I count this Christmas as her first because last year she was two weeks old, and I barely remember the celebration, and the days following the Christmas holiday were a blur.

We spent Christmas with both of our families this year, the Mimms/Couch's Christmas was celebrated a few days before Christmas Day and went spent the actual holiday with my parents. Below is a compilation of photos from a few different events, and I'm sad I didn't have any good photos of Christmas Day because our precious camera was still missing. I did take a few pictures Christmas morning but the rest of the day was busy chasing Margaret around, cooking and cleaning.

Happiest of New Year to each one of you. Excited for a new year, new beginnings and praying for a year of health and lots of beautiful memories.